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Not sure how to hit your fitness goals? Spending valuable time guessing what to do at the gym? Invest in personal training in ProFitness to safely and effectively see results. A knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer can customize a workout regimen to move you more quickly toward your goals. You’ll receive support and accountability from your trainer as well as an unbeatable workout every time you show up for a personal training session. Complete the form below and one of our trainers will be in touch to kick start your fitness journey.


Best on island

March 6, 2024

Jack has helped me navigate and manage getting back into shape and I would struggle to find anyone more talented or dedicated to his job. He has been attentive and supportive while maintaining professionalism in a laid back and constructive manner that really does give you the confidence to keep going and coming back. He has tailored a training plan and assisted with learning proper nutrition that is not a passing X diet but an adapted and manageable lifestyle change that means so much for weight loss, muscle gain, and overall fitness. You will not find a better coach anywhere, let alone on island.


100% Recommend Jack

January 7, 2024

Training with Jack has been a game changer for me. I first signed up for a five week block of training, and a year and a half later, I’m still training with him, and still making gains. I’ve been able to both reduce fat and gain muscle, which for women in their forties is no easy feat! I’m also stronger than I ever have been in my life. Jack’s approach to training is science based, research guided, accessible, precise, personalized, and challenging. Plus, he’s a really nice guy and genuinely cares about his clients and helping them meet their goals.

I’ve learned so much from Jack both about strength training and also how important nutrition is in the process of building muscle. He is highly educated in his field and keeps current with all the latest research as well. I especially like that he also programs the training sessions I do on my own throughout the week, and everything is logged in a handy app. We are very fortunate to have Jack’s knowledge and expertise accessible in the Eastern Districts. If you are considering working with a personal trainer, I 100% recommend Jack.

Sarah B

Very happy with the training

December 8, 2023

Jack is amazingly knowledgeable & a great coach, he’s helped my lifting technique a lot as well as some very useful guidance about dealing with & avoiding my chronic back pain.

Highly recommend!


Awesome Trainer

December 5, 2023

Training with Jack has been a great experience.

He started with the body scan to see the composition of my body and then he designed a workout program specific for me to reach my fitness goals.

In the training sessions, he explains all the exercises in detail so I know what muscles are being used, how to correctly do the exercise and how to avoid injury.

He is very motivating and supportive without being pushy- which is a big plus for me.

He listens and adjusts as we go, and I appreciate his flexibility and positive nature.

Before Jack, I would feel so overwhelmed being in the gym that I would hardly ever go, and if I did go, would stay stuck on the treadmill. However, having Jack show me how to correctly do different exercises whether its on the machines, the weights, or freeform exercises, has really built my confidence at the gym. I am able to lift weights that I never even imagined I could, I have gotten so much stronger and I am amazed when I remember the first day I could hardly make it up the steps to head into the gym.

Jack has given me a blueprint to reach my goals and shown me that with discipline it is very much attainable.

I highly recommend Jack for anyone who needs a little (or a lot) of help in reaching their fitness goals.


Amazing trainer

November 20, 2023

personally enjoyed my training a lot, I learned a lot from exercises, positions to English lol, Jack knows what I’m talking about, my workouts were fantastic, my body changed completely, thanks to the inspiration he gave me, Jack is a very talented trainer, honestly he It’s 200% amazing coach, thanks for everything Jack,looking for more